De-Addiction Centre in Kancheepuram

Ayyatrust De-addiction Centre in Kanchipuram is a cutting-edge alcohol rehabilitation centre with a 10000 sq ft footprint in the heart of Chennai. We provide all of the luxury lifestyle amenities that our patients have come to expect. Our accommodations reflect our belief that patients should not have to sacrifice or compromise their lifestyles while undergoing treatment. We are the best De-addiction Centre in Kanchipuram, From our spacious, well-appointed rooms to our gourmet cuisine, reading area, fitness facilities-GYM, beautifully landscaped grounds, and attached kitchen.

De-Addiction Centre in Kancheepuram

Rooms that are well-appointed
When designing and developing our Ayyatrust luxury, every detail was taken into account. Even the most discerning guests are satisfied by our well-appointed amenities. Laundry, flat-screen televisions, and maid service are just a few of the extras. Private rooms and views of greenery are a visual treat. We are the best De-addiction Centre in Kanchipuram.

De-Addiction Centre in Kancheepuram

Above all, we prioritise the safety and privacy of our patient community. Ayyatrust provides 24-hour security and allows patients to heal in a private, supportive, and sensitive setting. We recognise the critical role that trust plays in the recovery process and believe that patients heal better when they are completely at ease in their treatment programme. Our secure, private, and comfortable living environment is simply an extension of our first-rate, cutting-edge patient care approach. We are the best De-addiction Centre in Kanchipuram.

Rehabilitation Centre in Kancheepuram

The treatment’s goals include:

  • Interrupting the drinking or drug-using behaviour.
  • Individual detoxication from chemicals.
  • Break through the illness’s denial mechanism.
  • Break down the walls of isolation and loneliness that keep you from family, friends, and society.
  • Identify and break down destructive family and social relationships, and replace them with positive ways of thinking and acting.
  • Learn new and healthier ways to deal with your emotions.
    Create new communication patterns that will improve interpersonal relationships.
  • Encourage the necessary lifestyle changes for long-term abstinence.
  • Treatment for codependency and assistance in fostering more constructive and meaningful family relationships
    Self-help groups at home and in the community are introduced.

We are the best Rehabilitation Centre in Kanchipuram..

Rehabilitation Centre in Kancheepuram

The Ayyatrust Rehabilitation Centre is located on the city’s outskirts. It offers an intensive 12-step program-centered service to those suffering from chemical dependency.

The methods include an inpatient programme with varying lengths of stay based on the individual. Admission to an inpatient programme isolates the chemically dependent person from the environment that supports chemical abuse and provides medical and psychological assistance in a safe environment for detoxification.

Once the physical condition is stable and abstinence is maintained, individual and group counselling, didactic educational sessions, and an introduction to the 12-step self-help programme are provided to aid in continued recovery.

A multidisciplinary treatment team comprised of physicians, chemical dependency counsellors, and consultants provides the treatment. We are the best De-addiction Centre in Kanchipuram.


Inpatient rehab and outpatient rehab are the two most common types of rehabilitation. Inpatient rehabilitation entails an intensive treatment programme that requires you to stay in the facility for a set period of time, usually 30, 60, or 90 days. This programme offers more services and is more expensive than outpatient rehab. Outpatient rehabilitation allows you to participate in a recovery programme while continuing with your normal daily activities. It is most effective for people who have a mild to moderate alcohol addiction. The type of treatment you require will be determined by your stage of alcoholism. Consult your doctor to determine which type of alcohol recovery programme is best for you.

Professional assistance is required for a successful recovery from alcoholism. You may find it difficult to overcome addiction, no matter how strong-willed you are, because alcohol abuse changes the way your brain works. Alcohol de-addiction centres employ trained professionals who play an important role in assisting alcoholics in changing the way they live their lives. Techniques such as motivational interviewing and motivational enhancement therapy may help alcoholics identify the harm that alcohol is causing in their lives.

The cost of treatment would vary greatly from one treatment centre to the next. It is usually determined by the length of time you will be required to stay at the de-addiction centre. The availability of facilities and the popularity of the establishment are also important factors in determining the cost of treatment.