About Us

Ayyatrust is formerly named the De-addiction centre in Kanchipuram, spread its wing to Chennai in 2016. We are the leading expert in de-addiction in Chennai.

We offer Residential, outpatient, and online therapy support to patients. We provide full support ranging from pre-admission intervention, detox to relapse prevention.

We never lie, we’ve got the foremost talented and dedicated team members, our Doctors and Nurses were trained and hail a lot of experience’s during this field. we have a superb professional including psychiatrists, physicians, and counselors to guide you.

About our family

We also provide emotional support to the patient, our concern lies with the patient.

We outmost address the physical, social, mental areas of the patient we also believe in the miracles of God. Since hope is that the ultimate medicine to cure the patients.

Ayyatrust offers a wide selection of activities to reinforce the cognitive skills of the patients. we offer the best mid-brain exercise like yoga and meditation, to demotivate from addiction.


  • Ayyatrust provides a world-class treatment program, warm and nurtured environment, care from our warm & courteous staff. We have the simplest facilities available altogether over Chennai. we provide a Single Room, Economy Room, Yoga Room, Group Therapy Room, Dining Room, Jogging, Virtual game space, In-House Pharmacy, High Security with Security Cameras, Laundry Service, Library. Ayyatrust is that the only de-addiction centre with proper housing facilities. We also offer A/c rooms for patients with a 24/7 wifi facility. Believe in Ayyatrust, we are there to worry for you, all we’d like is your co-operation.

  • Our many levels of treatment, from inpatient hospital care to outpatient therapy, allow people to move from one level of support to another depending upon their individual needs and rates of recovery.
  • Caring environments at accessible community locations. Recovery is fostered and promoted through the establishment of a healing partnership that addresses the biological, psychosocial, and spiritual aspects of addiction. We’re offering a full range of services for almost any type of addictions with patients.