Ayyatrust is the best Alcohol addiction treatment Centre in Chennai, in our de addiction centre in Chennai we provide largest mental healthcare service provider with three decades of experience in psycho-social rehabilitation and the largest multispecialty team of mental health professionals in the country. With advanced treatment we provide best care for all that’s why we are best Alcohol addiction treatment Centre in Chennai


Designed to take care of Physical, Emotional and Mental.


Detoxification helps you to enjoy time for yourself without the interference of alcohol. Most people feel that their alcoholism had become excessive and is adding an excessive amount of stress to their life. To all these problems, we offer an easy solution. That s right! detoxification. Through our esteemed staff, nurses, doctors we will provide you the strong willpower to both the body and mind, to recover quickly.

New World

In this pandemic situation, Covid ravaging the entire world sort of a dark phoenix. The sole thing to vary our lifestyle is support. We care about you. That’s why we wish to supply hands to you in our journey of drug deaddiction. We wish to make a replacement world. Where the flowers of humans live without drugs, a peaceful world.

The Next Big thing

We believe groups, we all need friends to share our painful stories, to urge ethical support. We members of Ayya trust attempt to create an environment, where every member gets introduced to a replacement group. The main aim of the group is to make happy from the sufferings of pain. We specially designed the rehabilitation groups in such how that, each individual gets special caring. We believe you, just give us a call.

Get the gear that never gives up

De addiction Centre in Chennai

Will De Addiction Ever Rule the World?

Addiction affects not the body but also the soundness of the mind. Addiction is one of the foremost severe health problems faced around the world. A widespread disorder ranges from drugs, alcoholism. Heroin, synthetic drugs, Alcohol – you name it, we can cure you. Here in Ayya trust, we see you all as a part of our family. Don’t hesitate to tell your addiction to your family members. we are waiting for your call 24/7, to make you relieved from your pain. We’d like to hear from you

“Begin your journey to a better life with peace, love, beauty, and happiness”

Help us to make a replacement world:

With the expansion of covid, many rehabs were closed. Ayya trust is a non-profitable organization that runs on funds. During this dire situation, we’d like support from you. Believe your family, these aren’t patients, they’re your relations. If u wish to assist your family, contact us. we’ll let you know, how you’ll help us together with your donations.

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